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Written by Josh Pressnell   
Monday, 18 October 2010 13:18

iWorkout takes your music and puts you in control.  Designed specifically with group workout classes and interval training in mind, iWorkout allows you to create playlists (workouts) using your iPhone/iPod library and individually configure the tempo of each track.  Do you have a song that you really get into, but its tempo doesn't quite match your jogging pace?  No more!  Speed up that song and maximize your workout fervor. Have a great techno track that's just a little too fast for that step routine?  Slow it down and get steppin'!
iWorkout isn't just for instructors or runners.  It's great for anyone who needs music to meet the tempo THEY choose, rather than what it was recorded at;  bicyclists, joggers, trainers, group workout instructors, elliptical workouts, and more!
 The Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Sciences in Liverpool found that working out with appropriately paced music helps most people to enjoy a more productive and strenuous workout while perceiving the workout to be easier and more enjoyable.  Even trained athletes perceived their workouts to be more enjoyable, even though faster paced music didn't help them perform at greater  peaks.  In general, people who exercise with appropriately paced music work harder, longer, and enjoy it more.  Are you ready to put some energy back onto your personal workout routine?  Do you lead a group exercise class and want to bring some of your student's favorite music into their group routines?  This app will help!
  • Build playlists of music (workouts) imported from your iPhone/iPod library.
  • Easily configure the tempo of each song in your workout individually, or in real-time during the workout.  Advanced audio processing changes the pace of the song without altering the pitch or tone of the music!
  • See the Beats Per Minute (BPM) of the music as you're playing it!  Use the live BPM feedback to configure your workout playlist to match your intended workout pace.
  • Easily configure the music within the workout and the order it gets played in.  
  • Works side-by-side with Nike+!  Utilizes iOS 4 multitasking to play music in the background.  Simply start your workout and then use Nike+ in the "No Music" mode to track your progress.
  • Support for iOS 4 multitasking and fast task switching.
  • Configure interval training to automatically increase and decrease your music's tempo as you workout.
  • See the total duration of your workout based on the tempo settings you've configured for both a standard workout and interval training!
  • File management tab keeps you in control of the music stored within the app.  Clean out unused songs to conserve space as-needed.
  • Help section in the app helps you get started quickly.


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