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Tim Madigan     05 November 2010 13:22 |
Great app (My Library) - finally can keep track of what i have for authors with large, old collections (Erle Stanley Gardner with way too many books).
The only issue i've been having with it is the series. When i come back to enter new books with their proper sequence number, it creates a new series, even if i selected the old one on the list. it seems to add a space after the backup is done or when the app update was done.

Outside of this - and it's a pain to fix the books since i have to move the whole series onto the new one, even though it looks exactly the same, the app works great and i've gotten control of my libraries - finally!

A. Derby Jones     12 October 2010 14:59 | Newton MA
Love Ibookshelf, I recommend it to all my reader friends, the barcode scanning is so quick and convenient. I would like the ability to edit the genres, some of the imported ones are a little random, and I like to sort by books by genre. Could this be possible in a future update? Thanks so much for a great app...

Rick Hardy     06 October 2010 22:09 |
I just love iBookshelf!! It was exactly what I was looking for and more. Being able to input just the ISBN is a fantastic time saver. Now when I am looking for new books I don't have to wonder and worry if I already have one. I can also do a better job of replacing my paperback copies with hardback copies, since I know what I actually have. :roll

Leona Kajiko     04 October 2010 01:29 |
I am interested in My Library. Since I have a very large collection of books I would like to be able to enter/see data on my PC. Is this in the future?

Hollywood     03 October 2010 23:58 | Memphis
I pulled down the My Box Office... absolutely love this app! I have scanned in my first 40 DVD and it is great. I love the paging of the ease of entering via Bar Code. I also like the ability to scroll through the movie covers. For the people that complain about duplicates or seeing something strange. Just close the app, bring it back up and everything works perfectly. I've tried other apps but they come up with no dvd covers or can't find the movie. Have not experienced that one time. Thank you Josh for a great useful app! :grin

Mel     28 September 2010 09:23 | Australia
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Awesome App. I no longer buy books I already have (because of a cover change and I'm in a rush :roll ) and it's good for when I get reccomendations I just add to the Want list :)

Blair     24 September 2010 16:02 |
My Library has been extremely helpful when looking for that one book in a series. My roomate and I read so many and it's always difficult to remember what we are missing. Certainly helps from getting duplicate copies. Would love to see the addition of games.

Edge Barnes     22 September 2010 21:44 | Raleigh, NC
Great App so far. Would be nice to be able to set preferences for type of cover, owned or wanted, etc. so as to not have to edit each one as you load them in.
Also, how do you handle multiple authors?

Scott     09 September 2010 23:03 |
Excellent Apps, use both iBookshelf and My Box Office.
Any plans to do similar but for games (PC, XBOX, PS3 etc)?? :grin :grin

Michael     04 September 2010 10:35 |
Just purchased iBookshelf. I really like this app except for the fact that I have to scan books into the app 1 at a time. Is there any plans to add multiscan capability? I have a very large collection and it will take quite a while to get it all into the system.

Duncan     24 August 2010 14:58 | Chicago
Genre Field: Any chance the field can show / display longer text than it does?

When displayed on the screen, they are cut off.

Diann Leri     23 August 2010 14:20 |
Great app. Really like the new series option. I have over a thousand books in now and it has made my book buying a lot more fun -- especially since I'm no longer buying duplicates. Updates have been great. Keep up the good work.

Duncan     22 August 2010 23:52 | Chicago
Hi Josh. Using both the My Library and iBookshelf. Would be helpful if a choice under the Status field would be ON ORDER.

Thank man, for great apps.

Dieter Haener     06 August 2010 14:45 | Basle, Switzerland
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
MyLibrary is the very application I planned to realize on the Newton, but then you know. As far as I can see after one day of use, I must admit that it works well. There is only one thing that bothers me: after exporting my library via email to my Mac, I have to state (once more) that the 'Umlaute' are not german like e.g. ä comes as ?§ (in Hex C3 A4). I would like to import the csv-file in an own application on my Mac. Do I have to translate every single Umlaut myself or is there an easier way?
Kind regards
dieter :?

Jasmine     09 July 2010 14:58 |
I recently found out about iBookshelf and I am loving it. I am an avid reader who has tons of books in all formats. I now don't have to worry that I might buy a book that I already have.

One feature that would be nice is a way to indicate if the book is part of a series and if so, which book number it is in that series.

Thank you for the wonderful app :)

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