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Brian     06 February 2010 06:05 | Callington, Cornwall
Hi Josh, Thanks for a good app the ibookshelf app would be even more useful if the ISBN field was not a required field. I often want to add a book name that I havnt got in my hand.
A Desktop version of the program would be a real benifit for puting in lots of information. And lastly a date bought and a date read field would be helpful. Is there a way to alter the date fields for UK users.

Loralee Quintero     03 February 2010 20:12 | CA
I just bought iBookshelf, it's great! I love having the ability to scan the barcodes, it saves a lot of typing. :grin

Abby     18 January 2010 13:55 |
Great app, I love it, I just wish you could sort the authors by last name first.
Keep up the good work! :grin

Carlos Costa     08 January 2010 10:22 |
Hi Josh,

Congratulations and thanks for your excellent app.


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